Home Once Again

The past month has been the best of times and in some cases the not so great of times. We’ve been away from home more than we’ve been home which makes things like this blog difficult to keep up with. I can read a hundred blogs from my cell phone, but posting is a different topic as I am a SLOW “typist” on a cell phone. Even when I am on my lap top at my son’s, the little people are climbing all over me wanting me to play either “trucks” or “tea party”, or read them a story.

The best of times was Christmas and spending it with my family and with enough planning, we were also able to bring my Mom and FIL along as well. They are 85 & 83 respectively. My Mom has a very bad knee and surgery is not possible due to other health concerns (heart), but she does well in a wheel chair. If you were in Philadelphia this past weekend, and some guy ran over your toes with a wheel chair and a little old lady, I profusely apologize. 

We flew over before the alleged terrorist activity that was all over the news, so getting through security was actually pretty easy. The return trip on Sunday night was a different story. TSA took my Mom (terror on wheels, as I called her) off to the side where 4 agents scanned, poked, probed, questioned her for almost 20 minutes. While they were doing that, I was frisked and told to “WAIT, RIGHT HERE”. So I didn’t move a muscle. They really did increase security since the “alleged” attack.

We had some fabulous food, as we usually do when we are there. We had Christmas dinner at a very nice (expensive/swanky) place called “Smith & Wollensky”. I ordered a “Pork Porterhouse” (see below, LOL) and fortunately there were plenty of people to help me eat this monstrosity. It was FABULOUS, though I only ate a fourth of it!

The return trip from the airport, after the security stuff and good flight was a very slow & treacherous one due to heavy snow falling. But we made it safely and we had a great Christmas.

Now that we will be home for a while (no trips planned) I am looking at some home improvement projects ………. some painting will be involved, I’m sure.


About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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