Compliance ~ Non-compliance

I have had some VERY interesting discussions about patient compliance with some people in the medical profession.

These discussions started from an innocent remark that someone made to the effect that transplant patients are VERY compliant. While I am a very compliant patient, there are times I eat something “bad” or don’t drink as much as I should, etc. I was curious about how medical professionals see patients in regard to compliance (or lack thereof), on the whole, since transplant recipients are a tiny part of the big picture. So I asked a few close friends in the medical profession

The responses were quite astounding. Stories of totally clueless patients, total non-compliance, leaving hospitals with IV’s still in their arms, not taking medications, abusing medications, etc, etc. As these discussions continued, more than one person told me that if health insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid would STOP paying for the non-compliant patients, there would be absolutely NO need to “reform” health care. They maintained that billions and billions of dollars are being wasted daily by the same patients returning for the same malady month after month, year after year, but refusing to do what they (the patient) MUST do to get better. (Change diet, stop smoking, stop excessive drinking, get more exercise, etc) They also said this non-compliance applied to all age groups, races, and social-economic backgrounds.

It really opened my eyes. Maybe I’ll ask one of my coordinators from my post heart transplant team and see how “we” (transplant recipients) do on compliance.


About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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2 Responses to Compliance ~ Non-compliance

  1. I agree that failing to stop smoking and lose weight are big issues in the arena of “noncompliance,” but don’t you think a lot of the medical community gets their panties in a twist if patients merely disagree with them? For example, I declined to take Vytorin to lower my blood pressure because I heard (and believed) stories of kidney damage. Instead, I went on a vegetarian diet and took fish oil, causing my blood pressure to plummet. Now I’m “noncompliant” when I think I was just taking responsibility for my own health. But that’s just one example. I consider this label a cudgel, to force us into blind obedience. I think doctors don’t like to be questioned and they certainly don’t like to be proved wrong. But I’m pretty cynical so don’t take my word for it. 😉

  2. my2ndheartbeat says:

    Helen, I agree that every profession has people that will walk an intensely narrow path and will beat you down with the rule book. I know in my program, there is one such person, and after a few intense discussions we now see eye to eye on virtually everything. Most of the situation was a “control issue”, which I dealt with on a very personal level and my discussions contained only documented FACTS. (I deal in facts, not impressions or feelings when talking with some of Tx team members) I also have some of the greatest Dr’s in the world. Very realistic and willing to go “outside the box”. I’ll have to write a post about “Hot Buttered Cheese Steak” this coming week. Be well, my friend. PS, I can be VERY cynical myself. (DAP ~ My2ndHeartBeat)

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