Winter …… and Our Gloves

I will admit to being something of a germophobe. It comes naturally to many people who have been given a new lease on life via an organ transplant. I was taught early on by my medical team that cleanliness is next to godliness. One of the biggest points was, if you want to gamble with your life ……. don’t wash your hands.

So hand washing …. many, many, many times a day, is something that has come very easily for me, as it does with most heart transplant patients.

So we wash and we wash every day …….. then comes winter ……. and suddenly we find ourselves wearing gloves daily.

Ahhh, an extra layer of protection when opening doors, using the ATM, pumping gas and similar activities. We feel protected to a degree.

As my five-year old grandson tries to tell me every time we’re in the restroom and he’s trying in vain to flush with his foot ….. because if you don’t touch anything, you DON’T need to wash your hands. (NOT SO FAST BUSTER!) Such as it is with people and gloves, I didn’t touch anything, so why wash.

Technically, that may be true, but people forget about their gloves …… all those little germs running amuck from all those door knobs we’ve touched. Then comes that (could be) fatal mistake ….. you need to retrieve your wallet or keys but you are carrying a package in one hand …… so, that free hand goes to your mouth and you bite down on a finger tip of leather to remove the glove. Or ……. you just opened a few doors, and now that you are inside the gloves come off and you wad them up and stuff them in your coat pocket ……. ever hear of “transference”? (CSI term, LOL)

Here are my personal rules, the rules of a confessed germophobe …… once inside and the gloves come off I IMMEDIATELY go and wash my hands. (Keeping my hands aways from my face the entire time). Also, every other day or do, depending on use, the gloves get washed. If you have wool gloves, it’s fairly simple – use some like Woolite, rinse and dry. Leather is a bit more difficult. I did some research a few years ago and I use a damp cloth, Dove moisturiingr soap and give them a good cleaning and let them dry. (Note, from what I read, leather is virtually never totally disinfected)

Bottom-line is we still need to wash our hands as often, maybe even more because it is cold / flu season and we MUST keep our gloves or mittens clean as well.

Be diligent!!

Cleans gloves? Germs? Yuck!!

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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