Guardian Angels?

Guardian Angels
I have long thought that I was blessed to have a “Guardian Angel”, sent to me by God, to often be by my side, or at least in the area protecting me, watching out for me.
I had lots of reasons to believe this as I’ve been truly blessed to have been protected by a lot of things that could have easily ended my life. Very near misses with motor vehicles, machinery, fire, military exercises and the like. Other times where everyone would see the black skies overhead that meant the loss of a job or some other devastating event to happen, and yet the skies would part and a beam of sunshine would come from the heavens and the opposite would happen …. a promotion, a hefty pay increase, etc.
Some would argue ….. well, you got deathly ill and needed a heart transplant, so where was your angel? In this one single event, I truly believe there were angels surrounding me and God said he still had plans for me here. My 28 day journey from heart attack to coming back home is a miracle in itself. (See “My Story”in the header at the top of my blog)
With that said, there’s a new movie coming out that intrigues me. It’s titled the “Adjustment Bureau” with Matt Damon & Emily Blunt. From what I have seen in previews and read online, the movie is about a politician and a woman who wish to have an affair, but they are constantly being thwarted by the “Agents of FATE” from the Adjustment Bureau.
Hmmmmm, “agents of fate”, could they be the same as or at least similar to my “Guardian Angel”?
I’ve written a lot about destiny in this blog. Do we control our own destiny? Or are there unknown, unseen forces acting, with us at times, and against us at other times? Maybe these “agents of fate” also work for God in directing our life’s path? Giving us a good dose of “life’s lessons” to learn along the way?
We can all believe what we want, but I believe God and his angels surround me.
Regardless, I will see this movie when it’s released. It intrigues me!!
In the mean time, tell me about your Guardian Angel, please!

Adjustment Bureau

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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