I am a numbers guy. I like them, always have, always will.

I know the medical professionals are numbers people as well. Last week, when I went for my annual heart cath and other tests, I took along my “numbers”. My blood pressures, the averages, the highs, the lows ….. my food intake, activity level …….. all the stuff they ask me during what I call “The 20 question period”, where I am grilled about my lifestyle and my life. I’ve found this level of preparedness saves a lot of time, when you can hand the Dr’s and nurses the “facts”.

Numbers are also a part of this blog. There are 2 different programs running in the back ground. I can get a rough sense on how people found my site, how many people have visited and a rough idea where some of them are. I look these items over once or twice a week. I’m in awe of where people are when they read my blog. I get visitors from literally every country in the world. To me that’s simply incredible. It’s the one’s closer to home (Ohio is home to My2ndHeartBeat World Headquarters) that intrigue me. I can usually tell when family and friends stop by (thanks Mom) ….. it’s the others that stop by here ….. so close, yet so far away.

I like to hear from my readers, so don’t be shy.

I also look at the trends on what people are looking for when they stopped by my site. These are interesting. Beyond the most common “Heart transplant” searches, I get a lots of hits from LVAD searches. This is good, because I probably know 50 or 60 people who have or have had LVAD’s. I can relate to an extent. I also get a lot of searches in regard to “Destiny, “Life”, “Life’s Lessons”. For a while I was getting a LOT of people stopping by because of a car picture I had on the site. I changed a LOT of wording in that post to get back to my focus …… my life as a heart transplant recipient and my desire to help others that are or will be on the same journey.

You can see some of what I’m looking at, right at the bottom of my main (home) page. Just click on “view my stats”.

And, as always, THANK YOU for stopping by!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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2 Responses to Numbers

  1. 天竺葵 says:

    I AM buddies friend –kql,glad to meet you!

    • my2ndheartbeat says:

      KQL, Thanks for stopping by my blog and so very good to hear from you. Hope all is well, haven’t seen you on buddies in a while. I wish you well!!

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