In the Midst of Chaos …..

Since my Mom’s death a couple of weeks ago, life has been chaotic here. The family is starting to deal with her estate and also starting to organize 8+ decades of her possessions. It’s a daunting task.

In the middle of this chaos, last Sunday morning (3am) I awoke with a toothache. It calmed down and I went back to sleep, but returned 8 hours later with a vengeance. Of course I was totally freaking out. One of my favorite fellow heart transplant bloggers “Helen. With the Heart” (click on this link to visit her blog) has mentioned a number of times that she believed her heart issues started with a trip to the dentist and a possible resulting infection that attacked her heart. I DON’T forget what I read about our potential risks.

Anyway, I am fortunate enough to have a 7 day a week, 9AM – 9PM, dentist less than a mile from My2ndHeartBeat World Headquarters. I did not walk there, I ran there last Sunday and was seen soon after I arrived. While sitting in the waiting area, I called my transplant center and spoke with the heart failure cardiologist on duty. He pulled up my complete record and in a couple of minutes suggested, to me, what antibiotics were acceptable for me to take in this situation. A complete check up, complete set of X-rays later showed a tooth that had split and was abscessed. I was given 2 prescriptions (antibiotic & pain) and told things would now SLOW DOWN …… because I am a heart transplant patient, the dentist would NOT proceed until my transplant team signed off on his recommended course of action. I am cool with that.

Started taking the meds immediately and I now, 5 days later, I feel the infection is under control, the pain is gone, BUT the tooth is STILL in mouth. Apparently there was a fax issue (when will the medical profession actually start using email? LOL) and the Dr that the plan was faxed to is out of the office. So, for now, I’m in a holding pattern and the secretary is following up on it.

So I wait, but I feel everything is under control ……. I am sending Helen a HUGE hug for her help and friendship on this HTP journey!!

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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