Calling From a Coma?

This week I became the proud owner of a new iPhone 4S. So, right now I’m working my way up the learning curve with the latest technology. The phone change prompted family members to remind me about the little story I’m going to share.

Since I was in a coma for most of my fast & furious journey to the new life of a heart transplant recipient, many of my stories are “anecdotal” from family members that were living a nightmare, while I floated through time and space in a comatose state.

Back in the dark ages, about 6+ years ago, of “Smart Phone” technology, I was the proud owner of a Palm Treo cell phone / Palm Pilot. While it wasn’t particularly as high-tech as compared to today’s “Smart Phones”, it was not an easy thing for a casual flip phone user to pick up and master with no instruction.

So, here I was in the ER a short time after a heart attack knocked me out of my desk chair, and caused me to smack (and lacerate) my head on the way to the carpeted floor in my den. Once in the ER, I notice the Palm Treo is still on my belt, so I powered it down completely and I gave it to family members to take it home and bring it to me “when the time is right”, which I thought would be a day or two at most. (The Dr’s were already talking “Triple By-pass”).

Now we fast forward a couple of weeks …… I’ve left my original hospital in my home town, and had been Life Flighted to a different facility further from home. I had “coded” countless times and been lit up with enough juice to power the Upper East Side of New York City. Family members were at the hospital on an almost constant vigil, unless the ICU nurses or doctors kicked them out for a while.

One evening while I laid in the ICU in a coma, only a day or two before my miracle, life saving transplant, the close family members decided that for their own sanity they needed to go out for dinner for a change and get away from the hospital cafeteria food. So, off they all go to the “Little Italy” area of the city for some Italian food. Before they left, they gave the ICU nurses all the cell numbers in the group …. about 6 or  7 different cell phones.

While at dinner, they were almost done eating when my father-in-law’s cell phone rang. He’s NOT adept with a cell phone,  so he answers, no one is there and he hangs up. He never looked at the display to see who was calling. A minute of so later, my son’s cell phone rings and he freaks out ….. he is freaked because on his display, “I” AM THE ONE CALLING HIM. (Not really, I’m in a coma) A few minutes later, my wife’s cell phone rings and one her display …… “I” AM CALLING HER (Again, not really, I’m closer to the angels, than Little Italy). My son checks the father-in-law’s phone, and sure enough the call where no one was there was from “me”. I’ve been told my Mom shut off her cell phone right away. My son called the ICU to see if everything was “stable” (at that point) and it was. Admittedly, they were all a bit spooked by “my” calls.

Fast forward through a couple of weeks of heart transplant surgery, then ECMO, an intense week in the ICU and a few days on the nursing floor …… I finally asked if someone would bring my cell phone to me and they did.

It was still SHUT OFF and in my den where they had left it the day of my heart attack.

So, what happened? I’m not sure, but I suggested to family members that maybe I was reaching out to them ….. or, JOKINGLY, maybe I was getting ready to haunt them?

Ahhhh, the power of technology ….. and MIRACLES!!

The Palm Treo, from the dark ages!

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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5 Responses to Calling From a Coma?

  1. You are a miracle! I am so happy for you!!! My mother received a transplant several years back and it was the scariest thing. It was also full of comical moments since she was out of it and said some really wacky things. I’m sure your family is as thankful for your successful procedure as we are of mom’s. The best gift ever!!! Your story of the phone calls is hilarious and so touching. My mother-in-law’s phone would ring after my husband died and the calls were from his phone to. That is amazing! Maybe you lost a family member in the past that was letting them know you were okay 😉 I love it!

  2. Janet Rabin says:

    Never doubt the power of your soul and the strength of your angels! I love this story, thanks for sharing it!

  3. Amazing! Much as phones, smart or otherwise, we too are electronically (energetically) motivated at the core. Isn’t the power of spirit just fantastic!

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