Do You Have “MD” After Your Name?

“Foolish self diagnosis is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.”

Some background info, before I write the balance of this post. My career, of almost four decades, was mostly spent in a large industrial factory. The first quarter of my career as an hourly employee, then the balance in the management ranks. People like myself were called “shop rats”, it’s what we knew, it’s where we thrived. A cubicle was confining, dress shirts were restrictive and existing on dirt, smoke, loud noise and toxic fumes was a way of life. I knew very little about anything medical until AFTER I had a heart transplant. What little I knew about medicine was basic first aid from my Army days as a kid.

Leaving my factory career behind, for the life of a transplant recipient forced me to learn about medical procedures, health insurance, medications and about everything else associated with the medical profession.

Fast forward almost 5 years and I have learned a wealth of stuff that I didn’t know previously.

Next, I want to add a disclaimer for the balance of this post …. I’M AS GUILTY AS ANYONE!!

What am I guilty of, at times? I’m guilty of attempting to read test results, symptoms, or other data/feelings and ATTEMPTING to diagnose any ailment I (or others) might have. If I don’t know, there’s always the internet (WebMD is a favorite) or I can call one of my friends, who may have more medical knowledge than I do. I’m proud that often, OK occasionally, I get the diagnosis correct, maybe even correctly guess what the remedy or medication or what the corrective action might be. But I don’t guess correctly all the time. And, I didn’t go to medical school for years and year on end.

And that simple fact, always reminds me of the question I posed in the title …. “Do you have “MD” after your name?”

So, while I might make my guesses, check WedMD, call friends and family members, if I don’t feel well, I call my DOCTOR or my TRANSPLANT TEAM OF DOCTORS!! Sometimes, I’ll call my son who is a doctor, that lives 400+ miles away for an opinion. I always get the same answer …… did you call YOUR doctor?

Bottom-line …… if you have had any type of transplant, do NOT play around with your health, call your DOCTORS. And, even if you haven’t had a transplant, error on the side of caution and call your doctor, or go to an Immediate Care Center. Do NOT take chances.

Self diagnosis leads to mis-diagnosis and that my friends, is VERY DANGEROUS! (If your going to self diagnose ….. then do it while you are waiting for the doctor to return your call.)

Trust the people with MD after their name!!

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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