The Angels

I’ve wanted to write this post for a number of weeks about a dream I had. I was held back by my own emotions, my own fears …. my own thoughts. You can think about the dream, laugh about it, roll your eyes ……. or, maybe even some people reading this will know precisely what I am talking about.

Today, I have the courage to put these words out there and let people think what they shall.

My courage to write this post came after reading an article this weekend about an ex-FBI agent that claims to have SEEN angels at the crash site of Flight 93, that crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. If you missed the article it can be seen HERE!

Now, I’m first going to say that I have NEVER, ever seen an angel closeup. I’ve seen flashes, almost fog like movements, but that could just have been bad eye sight. But, in my opinion I have FELT them, sensed them surround me a number of times in my life. Thinking back, they have been there a few times, but I completely sensed them surrounding and comforting me the day of my heart attack and all the way through my stays in the ICU after my heart transplant and a couple of times since. I say “them” because I truly believe that I have a Guardian Angel, but at times, he or she brings along some angel friends, because I feel totally surrounded.

It is a feeling of total comfort, absolutely NO fear, NO anguish, NO worry, NO pain. I can feel them comforting me better than any family member, better than any nurse and better than any medication could ever do. Actually, as sick as I was I was wishing that the angels would comfort my family, my nurses, and doctors. I could see the seriousness on their faces and hear it in their voices.

I don’t summon or call them, they ….. well, they just show up. I think they show up when God knows I need them. I believe in angels …. always have …. always will.

I wrote a post on this blog a couple of years ago about “Angels in the Hallways” ……. in thinking about that post and the few times I’ve felt them, it’s always been inside a hospital.

I sensed them with me every step of the way during my journey to a heart transplant and it was a little over a year and a half after my heart transplant until I sensed them again. I was visiting with a patient that I had seen for many, many months. This patient was at the end of the proverbial road. But as I was leaving this patient’s room, I felt the angels completely surround me and COMPLETELY comfort me …… I knew right then and there that prayers were being answered. I can remember shedding tear or two on the drive home that day ….. tears of happiness for my friend, tears of sadness for the donor ….. and I was right, this patient’s prayers were answered and within about 24 hours a new beating heart replaced machines. Life began and life ended. The angels have surrounded me two other times in the past 3+ years since.

Last year when my Mom’s life was ending the angels came again and comforted me and I KNEW she was at peace. Then again one time since in an ICU with a patient.

So, if you’ve stuck with my ramblings thus far, you are probably wondering what does all of this have to do with a DREAM?

A number of weeks ago I had a prolific dream. It was unlike any dream I have ever had in my entire lifetime and I have dreamed some VERY wild stuff over the years. I used to have a lot of dreams about tornadoes, though I’ve never seen one. I used to dream about being a young man in the 1920’s or perhaps the 1930’s and I was shot in the chest ….. had that one a number of times as well. There have been total nonsense dreams, (ahem) sexual dreams, dreams with stick people, cartoon characters, monsters, etc, etc.

But this dream I had a number of weeks ago was completely different. It included the angels surrounding me, as well as a blurry person that I could not determine if it was male or female, came to me and told me the following …… “I am very happy that you have my heart. I am good where I am. If you ever see my family, please tell them I am ok. We will meet when the time is right and that time is still a long way off. Be well my brother.”

When I woke up I was laying there in total comfort, surround by my angels. I didn’t move, I stayed relaxed a dozed back off. It was when I woke up sometime later it took me a while to sort out dream from reality. It shook me quite a bit and I got up and went in my den and sat in the dark for over an hour trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings. One thing I knew for sure was that the angels had been there. Dreams aren’t reality, but that sure seemed real.

Think what you want. Blame it on my drugs. Justify it as total nonsense. But I know what I feel and it is an AMAZING feeling.

Be kind to your angels ….. you never know when they will come.

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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6 Responses to The Angels

  1. wendyjean56 says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. I completely believe in angels. My mother and my grandmother have both visited me in dreams. One reason I know this is completely true is that all 5 of my senses were used in the dreams, especially my tactile sense when I hugged them. And this scripture from Job 33 also tells me to not doubt dreams.
    14 For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it.
    15 He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds.

  2. giggles says:

    Yes, I’m crying. That is so beautiful. I too believe in angels. I know how much it means to you to know who your donor was but to actually have him come to you like that, maybe that’s even better! And maybe that means one day you WILL meet your donors family, after all he knows better than we do what may be ahead in our lives. Thank you for sharing this. I wish more people could be as honest as you are.

  3. my2ndheartbeat says:

    Thanks for your kind comments. As always, God is in control and he will decide things ……. Even though I don’t always see them at first, there are lessons here that I am learning.

  4. seemeye says:

    Your post made me think of a song I used to sing to my kids when they were young. Good memories. Thought maybe you’d like the link.

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