Gone and Back!

My2ndHeartBeat has been on the road for the past couple of weeks. I am way behind on a number of fronts, but such is life.

We took a journey down south for a week, where we danced a jig with the edges of hurricane Isaac. Ate too much good food and I drank my fair share of wine. It was a relaxing trip for the most part.

I saw things on this trip I’ve never seen or thought about in the past. One was a nearby grocery store that had “valet parking”. Yes, “valet parking” so you can drop your Rolls or Ford Escort at the curb, run in and buy a bag of grub, come back out and have your groceries and yourself put into the vehicle at the curb, tip the guy and off you go. The other thing I saw was a place that sold “fine cheese” …… I’m pretty sure in all of my days that I’ve NEVER seen, let alone tasted a cheese that cost $150 or more/pound. Well, I saw some, but didn’t taste and was afraid how much it might cost to simply smell said cheese. So, I’ll live with the visual until I win the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes and can actually taste a slice.

I also observed weather folks on television reporting, usually breathlessly, about Isaac and noted that they are exactly as are their northern counterparts are when they report on (potential) snow storms …. lots of graphics, lots of program interruptions, craziness, high-pitched, excited tones …… even though said storm is still over a thousand miles away and NOT aimed at our area. Oh well. The phrase “drama queens” entered my mind often, LOL.

For all of my heart friends ….. we came across the most interesting store if you like “hearts”. It was a small shop in Delray Beach, FL by the name of “Just Hearts” …. the lady that owned the shop had all kinds of decorative hearts, jewelry, and knickknacks ….. it was a “heart paradise”. And, yes, I bought a couple of things 🙂 (See pictures below) You can visit her website HERE.

After a quick, one day stop at home for clean clothes we drove to the East coast to baby-sit the grand kids …… always fun, always exhausting …. and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This trip was unique, in that we were responsible for first day of school for both kids. And, we had no notes, there was virtually no planning on Mom & dad’s part so a lot of things we did were on a “wing and a prayer”. Big city, east coast, kids in private schools is a logistical challenge. I was the “designated driver” yesterday morning and my day was like this – Was awake at 5:50am, quick shave and shower …. out the door at 640am to go get Jeep (took taxi as it’s parked in a garage 2 miles away from son’s condo), came back loaded up both kids and headed to grandson’s school first (first day of first grade) ….. dropped him off (went inside for 2 minutes), drove another 3.5 miles to another school to drop off granddaughter (PreK) at school …. no need to get out as they come out right to the curb to extract her. (Kind of like “valet kid drop off”?) Drove back to the city, parked in a garage and went to the condo …… total time was 2 HOURS, 25 minutes. The round-trip was 25 miles. We went and had breakfast, loaded up Jeep with luggage and drove back out to get granddaughter as she only had a 1/2 day on the first day, took her back to condo (another hour & 20 minutes, another 25 miles) and handed her off to the baby-sitter and after dealing with another issue there, headed west towards home.

Regardless, it was fun and I wouldn’t trade a second of it.

And, each day I remembered my donor for a few minutes, as I said a prayer and gave thanks …. whether I was standing on the beach on a sunny day, or on a porch watching the rain bands of a tropical storm while in total awe of the powers of that same ocean, I was there because of the generosity of my donor and/or donor family that made my life possible. May God bless them always!!!

Glad to be home.

Just Hearts in Delray Beach ~





About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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