Perfect Storm?

Affordable as defined by –    to be able to do or spare something, especially without incurring financial difficulties or without  risk of undesirable consequences.

As the new healthcare law, technically known as the “Affordable Care Act”, or by its street name, “Obamacare” is starting to roll out to the masses, it seems to be affecting the transplant community in a very negative way.

Canceled plans are a fact for many ….. and then one has to find a new plan, that will cover the special needs of transplant patients …. i.e. regular hospital and physician visits (co-pays), regular ongoing tests (more co-pays), and a lifetime of (expensive) medications are all be part of the mix now.

Oh yes, you can get new insurance even though you are a higher risk person with a “pre-existing” condition, but at a major cost ~ $$$$.

I recently spoke with a couple of professionals that deal with medical insurance issues and transplants on a daily basis. It seems like there are a LOT more people in trouble than in the past. Things are truly dark right now for many people in the transplant community. The professionals are really scrambling and sweating to get answers.

The term “affordable” is rearing its ugly head. Monthly premiums are going up as high as 8 times per month, for some. Another person has medications increasing 14 times this years rate, co-pays are changing. And my medical center is reducing staffing by THREE THOUSAND people to save on costs.

I personally will have higher out-of-pocket increases, but not as high as some.

And, the MAJORITY of the transplant community is on a fixed income. So the term “affordable” is questionable.

I’ve heard rumors of some couples were contemplating divorce so that they can qualify for some government assistance.

Maybe the folks in Washington should have actually read this thing first?

And now, there is word of a “do over”! Ouch!

It is the perfect storm ……. let’s hope we don’t have a deadly disaster.

Affordable Healthcare

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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