Black Moon

“The dust turned to stone, and the black moon touched the dawn. As we tried to get out, of this world of burning fear.”

~ Axel rudi Pell

Note: Most of this post is “tongue in cheek”.

This month (Sept-2016) has been filled with interesting celestial events. We’ve had the “Harvest Moon”, 2 eclipses and NASA has announced that Astrologists made a math error thousands of years ago and now we have something called  Ophiuchus, or some such thing.

(I was either a Scorpio or Sagittarius, depending which horoscope one might look at, but now I’m allegedly a Libra? What’s up with that, LOL???)

Tomorrow, Sept 30, there will be a “Black Moon” event. Which happens like every 2-1/2 years or something …. it’s when the Moon lies completely in Earth’s shadow and appears not to even be in the sky, or black in color.

Well, with all of the other celestial events, many learned folks, conspiracy theorists, and soothsayers think that there just “MIGHT” be an event of Biblical proportions and it will be the “end of days” for all of us.

Well, I put my full trust in God …… but if something happens tomorrow, or 20 years from tomorrow, I just want to tell each of you ………

That you reside in my heart and have touched me in some way. I love you all! May God Bless you ALWAYS!


About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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1 Response to Black Moon

  1. Ms. A says:

    I will always be an Aquarius and I don’t care what they say!

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