Collateral Goodness

“Goodness is uneventful. It does not flash, it glows.”

I’ve been thinking the “Title” (Collateral Goodness) of this post for a LOOONG time.

Please bear with me while I try to explain.

Most people know the phrase “Collateral Damage” ……. simply explained, drop a bomb to destroy an intended target, and the damage around, next or near the intended target is “collateral damage”.

This is not to be confused with the movie “Collateral Beauty” with “Will Smith”, where upon his daughter’s death, he wrote letters to “time, death and love”.

My thought is more what might happen when an everyday act of goodness is directed at an intended target and hits the target … does some of that goodness “splash” next to or near the intended target? An example might be …… you’re in a line in a grocery store and you say/do something nice for the cashier and the person behind you observes it and later, as they think about your small gesture, they in turn spread some small goodness to someone else.

The world we live in today certainly needs more goodness.

If “Collateral Goodness” is real, let’s direct goodness at each other and to all those around us in hopes that it will SPLASH onto others.

What do you think? I’m going to practice in my daily activities and see.

Collateral Goodness

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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