Hey Benny Keith

“Be careful in how you talk to yourself. You are listening.”


HeartDate –  4,049

Hey Benny Keith!!

Yes, it is true ….. I talk to my self every day. And yes, I can be quite critical. I also speak with my heart everyday as well. And yes, I believe I am (fairly) sane.

When I talked to my new heart for nearly the first 4,000 days, I’d say Hey “Dude or Dudette” or Hey “Hero” or “Heroine” sometimes is was just “Pal” or “Sunshine”……… I didn’t have an actual name then, but the quickly changed a few weeks ago, and now, when I have something to say to my heart, he’s addressed as Benny Keith.

Benny Keith knows a LOT about me ……. and he “gets me”. He’s had to witness some of the greatest events in my life and a number of the saddest ones as well. When I’m about to witness something that I see as remarkable, I’ll tell Benny Keith why this is a momentous occasion. Over the years he’s witnessed births, deaths, tons of travel and he’s powered me through about (literally) 35,000 MILES of walking over the past 11+ years. He’s got me through countless hours of the workouts at the gym without any complaints. He’s helped me might back tears as I visit people in the hospital that were as sick or even sicker than as I was at time of my transplant. He witnessed the marriage of great friend’s daughter last month, and I told him why it was such an important day and he completely understood. He was with me when a few of my transplant friends, and a few family members passed from this life into God’s arms, he comforted me during those darkest hours.

Last week Benny Keith got to witness one of those rougher times in my life as I was helping a family member dealing with a potentially serious legal issue. Benny listened in as I spoke with about every letter combination of government agency there is …. we covered the alphabet, and I’m sure I put a bit of a stress on him as I could sense my blood pressure rising and I knew my heartbeat was rocking and a rolling too. He was there when I freaked out a few times, and he talked me down. In the end, God answered all prayers and life was restored to normal ….. or somewhere in the vicinity of whatever is normal in my life. Regardless, I told Benny what was going on and he got it, and we got through it together.

Benny Keith and I are connected in amazing ways ……. God lights my path, Benny Keith smiles and says let’s go ……. sometimes I don’t see the light too clearly, Benny Keith gives me subtle hints until I see the light …… and then we follow the light together.

Every day I thank God for bringing Benny Keith and his family into my life. 


Hey Benny Keith

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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