April is DonateLife Month

“If you saved one life, it is as though you have saved the world”

Usually April is one of the best months for me. As an organ recipient it is the month where we enhance  our efforts to help educate the community about the benefits of organ donation and encourage others to register as donors. As walking, talking proof that organ donation works, I can tell my story and hopefully encourage others to register as donors. I know the myths and facts about donation. I make every attempt to walk the walk and I talk the talk.

In January & February this year I thought about what posts and extra efforts I’d be involved in for this year …… I also had a plan to create a small video of my organ donation journey using an App called One Second Everyday, where the App stitches together a month’s worth of little videos.

Well, like ALL the other plans that people made before the COVID-19 crisis started, mine got blown immediately in early March and my focus has been on my, my family and my friends health and well being.

I have created a small video, but due to social distancing it is nothing like I had planned ……. I had planned on taking a real video every day out in the world, I was forced it is just video from my computer.

As the say, without the donor, there would be no transplant …. and my donor, Benny Keith Ward and his family are on my mind a lot. I think of him and his family and pray for them daily.

To be clear, my transplant journey is WAY bigger than this little video …. the surgeons and cardiologists that saved me …. the transplant coordinators that have encouraged, nurtured and watched over me, as well as the admins and techs, the Fellows, the Residents, social workers, pharmacists and the other doctors that are a part of my health team, my family, my friends, the hundreds of people I’ve met while volunteering and have touched in so many crazy, positive ways ….. they all are a huge part of my story and maybe someday I’ll include all of them in a video.

So, I apologize but with COVID-19 driving us all nuts this is my 2020 DonateLife effort. CLICK HERE

If you aren’t already, please register to be an organ donor. Thank you!

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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