First week of Aug, Ohio averaged 1,074 cases / day, and averaged 23.3 deaths /day. The number of cases per about 20% lower than July. Deaths stayed about the same.

Stark County averaged 20 cases / day and averaged 1.1 deaths / day. The average number of cases and deaths per day went up slightly from July.


 July 31, 2020 – I’m no longer tracking the daily COVID numbers due to discrepancies in how they are collected.

Jan to Feb 5, 2020 – During this 6 week period I was watching the COVID-19 virus spread across China. Not believing the reports the Chinese were giving, but I had no real idea. I was doing a little advanced mental planning, but at the same time I figured there was some level of BS involved and it would be resolved before it ever touched our country.

Feb 5, 2020 to Feb 29, 2020 most of my mind was consumed with the death of Dr Taylor.

Feb 20, 2020 – I thought about writing a post on these pages about the virus, but then I thought of one of my oldest heart transplant friends, Helen. Helen had a blog aptly named “Helen. With The Heart!” and I reached out to her in mid-2007 shortly after my own transplant. Helen was a realist ……. she was an attorney and pulled no punches, she’d flat out tell it like it was ….. with the Ebola crisis in late 2014 called “Germophobes” and she flat out said “Fuggaboutit” you’re not going to get it, and she was always the voice of reason to calm my paranoia. Sadly Helen passed in 2015, so I couldn’t bounce my fears off of her.

Feb 21 – 29, 2020, Dr Taylor’s death on Feb 5, 2020, was still at the forefront of my mind. I was grieving with his family and his colleagues. Daily reading the stories about the first Coronavirus cases touching the U.S. I know I heard them …. again, not totally believing media reports (they’ve NEVER LIED TO US, RIGHT?) and certainly not believing the shit the Chinese government was spewing either. But my mind was honestly NOT focused on the Coronavirus.

March 1, 2020 – Starting to be extra cautious, listening more carefully, but I felt safe. No known cases in Ohio. Started to keep my distance from most folks.

March 2 & 3, 2020 – Watching with a lot of interest to national and local news. Tuesday was “Super Tuesday” …… saw a joke that the media was overwhelmed with having to deal with a primary election and trying to teach MOST of America how to wash their hands.  Those multiple hand washing segments were a fucking joke! Keeping my distance from most people. Some still just cough &/or sneeze out into the open.

March 4, 2020 – Volunteer day. I go and remind myself to NOT shake hands or do “fist bumps” today ….. make to foam (hand sanitizer) twice between patients. Very odd feeling day. Not a lot of folks in the hospital.

March 5, 2020 – March 8, 2020 …….. I have close out-of-state family traveling and though I’m concerned, they are not. Same with a very close friend that was flying that weekend, I was concerned but they were not. Staying away from people.

March 8, 2020 – First case is confirmed in Cuyahoga County, home to my transplant center and 60 miles north of me. Later, my phone blows up with dozens on texts from the same close out-of-state family members that traveled over the weekend. Holy shit, this suddenly became real. Started staying closer to home. Fewer trips out. Ohio Confirmed cases = 3, Stark County = 0.

March 9, 2020 – I email the person that coordinates with my volunteer efforts to see “what’s what” …. is it safe …. an “official” message …… at 5:31pm I received and email that the Volunteer Department was IMMEDIATELY out of business. Good move, in my opinion. Started preparing on many fronts. Family chaos continues in the background. Ohio still at 3 confirmed cases.

March 10, Angst grows ….. more cases confirmed. More chaos, more preparing. Staying as far away from people as possible.

March 11, 2020 – Receive an early morning email that Lifebanc, the Organ Procurement Organization that I also volunteer for is (immediately) shutting down all educational programs. I spoke and 2 different classes and emailed the folks in charge that I wouldn’t be there until at least April 15. Ohio has 4 confirmed cases.

March 12, 2020 – The State of Ohio starts shutting things down. People are already hoarding toilet paper, paper towels, and soda. (Fucking morons) Confirmed cases in Ohio = 5, Stark County confirmed = 1.

March 13, 2020 – We attempt to make a normal grocery run …… pandemonium reigns …… we ended up going to 2 large chain drug stores and 2 large chain grocery stores. The people were completely out of control. I got a couple of bruises from idiots that that they could just drive through me with their shopping cats. All schools in Ohio shut down for at least 3 weeks. Ever try staying away from people? Somehow I managed to not get within 6 feet of anyone in 4 stores. Ohio confirmed cases = 13, Stark County = 1.

March 14, 2020 – More planning …… we have some masks, if needed. We both have plenty of our medications, with one script to be refilled. A short stop at a different grocery store and picked up some more protein items, fruit and veggies. Plenty of bottled water ….. and a few bottles of wine! (Very important, LOL.) Dinner with friends. (Last one for a while, I suppose) Confirmed Ohio cases = 37, Stark County = 1.

March 15, 2020 – Picked up last script, so all good on meds. Pickup a few needed grocery items. Gas up the car, for $1.53/gallon. The Governor of Ohio closes all restaurants and bars indefinitely at 5pm. Confirmed Ohio cases = 50, Stark County = 2.

March 16, 2020 – We are on our own ….. at least it feels like it, except for contact via phone, text and email. A day on angst ….. but we made it through. Confirmed Ohio cases = 55, Stark County = 2.

March 17, 2020 – Not like any St Patrick’s Day I’ve ever seen …. but we survived. I think anxiety was a little less today …… Time seems to not matter, except when to take my medications ….. with nothing scheduled, it is like time doesn’t matter …. doesn’t exist. Ohio confirmed cases = 67, Stark County = 2.

Mar 18, 2020 – The Governor closed all hair and tattoo salons today. The lady that was cutting my hair, got the message while I was sitting in her chair. She was great …. she knows my story and wore a mask just for me. I’m sure more closings are coming. I watched no news today at all on TV ….. what little I saw came via my cell phone. This tactic is helping to control the anxiety of this situation. Cooked salmon on the grill in the garage, during a cold, pouring rain ….. delightful! Confirmed Ohio Cases = 87, Stark Co. = 3

Mar 19, 2020 – The never ending barrage of information continues. The less I listen the lower my stress levels. All kinds of stimulus packages are being talked about. We’ll see. Millions of people are starting to hurt as businesses close all across the country. Confirmed Ohio cases = 119, Stark Co. = 5.

Mar 20, 2020 – A day of warmth and rain. The rain keep me inside much more today, so less exercise. Internet has been acting up the past 24 hours, apparently due to more ppl staying home and they are online. My anxiety levels waxed and waned today. God has our backs! Ohio confirmed cases = 169, one death. Stark Co. = 6.

Mar 21, 2020 – Today I seem to have the stress under control. My anxiety waxes and wanes. Did some walking outside …. quite chilly, but it felt good to get out. Ohio confirmed cases = 247, deaths = 3, Stark County = 8 confirmed cases.

Mar 22, 2020 – Today was another day of up and downs of anxiety. One minute I’m thinking this crisis will soon be over, the next minute I’m wondering if it will last a year or long? Drove down to my brother’s house ….. we stood in the drive, about 12 feet away from each other and chatted. The Governor of Ohio has issued a “Stay At Home Order”. Wondered if this will be the new norm after this is over? Confirmed cases in Ohio = 351, 3 deaths. Confirmed cases in Stark County = 10.

Mar 23, 2020 – Dreary day, but we managed. Announced first death in my county. A 58 YO male with underlying conditions. Between watching TV and completing small projects each day we are getting by. Trying to suppress any thoughts of how this will play out long term …. right now, taking it day by day. the new “Stay At Home” order went into effect tonight. Ohio confirmed cases = 442, 6 deaths. Confirmed Stark County cases = 10, 1 death.

Mar 24, 2020 – Another day! It is important to note that I have not even thought of committing any felony at this point. (LOL) Settling into a routine …… if the weather would warm up some this “Stay At Home” stuff would be easier. Already planning my outdoor projects, creating lists …… we have not even come close to “flattening the curve” of this thing. Our state has an almost straight up trajectory. Ohio confirmed case = 564, with 8 deaths. Stark County confirmed cases = 13, with 1 death.

March 25, 2020 – A rare beautiful day. Even nicer than forecast. I did manage to complete couple of nice long walks today. Felt good and brought my anxiety down a lot. Ohio confirmed cases now at 704, with 10 deaths. Stark County has 12 confirmed cases with 2 deaths.

Mar 26, 2020 – Another rare beautiful day and we took full advantage of it. We completed an early spring yard cleanup, followed by a long walk. Passed a few folks while walking, and was able to talk with our next door neighbor for a while. All that activity really allowed us to escape some of our anxiousness today. But, the rains return tomorrow. Ohio confirmed cases = 867, with 16 deaths. Stark County has 16 confirmed cases, with 2 deaths. (A 58 YO male, and a 93 YO woman).

Mar 27, 2020 – Another fair day here, but tired from yesterday, though did take a couple of walks. A transplant friend tested NEGATIVE for COVID-19, so that was a huge relief. I’ve been amazed by local posts on social media, my Ring doorbell app and others that are in total denial of this crisis. One person claimed to be having a party with 25 people attending. The number of cases in Ohio shot up a lot. Today’s confirmed total was 1,137, with 19 deaths. Stark Count also increased to 22 cases and 2 folks passing away.

Mar 28, 2020 – Rainy, stormy day. Replaced a brake light bulb on the car today. Got a few jokes about the quarantine from my brother. Somewhat relaxed today. The number keep going up ….. Ohio now has 1,406 confirmed cases and 25 people have passed. Stark County has 25 confirmed cases and 2 have passed.

Mar 29, 2020 – A beautiful day here, into the low 70’s. Lots of walking outside, though we had winds up to 50 mph today. It well good to get out of the house. Watched a movie this afternoon and cooked dinner on the grill this evening. Ohio confirmed cases now at 1,653 with 29 deaths. Stark County = 29 cases, with 2 deaths.

Mar 30, 2020 – A chilly/dreary day here in Ohio. Did a few small projects outside and in the garage. A very unusual low level of anxiety today. Just maybe I’m getting used to living like this? God, I hope not. Ohio confirmed cases shot up to 1,933 with 39 deaths. Stark County now has 44 cases, with 2 deaths.

Mar 31, 2020 – A busy day for me. Lots accomplished around the house. Still a lot of confusion from the media and the government. Wear don’t wear a mask, wear a mask. Peak period is 2 weeks away …. or is it a month …. 6 weeks? All depends on who you ask and when. Total confirmed cases in Ohio today is 2,199, with 55 deaths. Stark County now has 45 confirmed cases with 3 deaths.

Apr 1, 2020 – Another dreary day, with higher anxiety due to too much news yesterday. Paid some bills and did a plumbing repair. Need to get on a better schedule again. Structure helps. Ohio now has 2,547 confirmed cases, with 65 deaths. Stark County has 52 cases, with 3 deaths.

Apr 2, 2020 – The Governor of Ohio extended the “Stay At Home” order until May 1st, which is no surprise. Another nice day here, but it is unbelievable to see so many people ignoring the isolation orders. Saw eight teenage boys playing basketball in a driveway very near here. Saw a group of 8 to 10 men having a gabfest in front of a carryout restaurant. For many, it seems like party time. Ohio now has 2,902 confirmed cases, with 81 deaths. Stark County now has 67 confirmed cases, with 3 deaths.

Apr 3, 2020 – A pretty nice day here today. Some walks and projects outside. Saw 10 kids playing basketball down the street, and the guy behind me is having a frigging cookout. I guess these people all live under a rock or are just clueless in regards to “Stay AT Home”? What assholes. Ohio now has 3,312 confirmed cases and 91 deaths. Stark County has 79 confirmed cases, with 4 deaths. The latest was a lady that was 80+ years old.

Apr 4, 2020 – Beautiful day today. But it was also a lazy day for me. Ran a few early errands then watch a movie this afternoon. Needed a “down” day for a change. Since it was so nice we saw LOTS of picnics and parties which just blows my mind. The CDC is now recommending that all wear cloth masks while in public. The Ohio confirmed infected count increased again, now at 3,739, with 102 deaths. Stark County also increased to 92 confirmed cases and 5 deaths.

Apr 5, 2020 – Not as nice today but got a few things accomplished outside. Saw some large gatherings as we walked about the neighborhood. Ohio numbers are 4,043 confirmed cases, with 119 deaths. Stark County has 119 cases, with 5 deaths.

Apr 6, 2020 – Beautiful day here today. Was outside or in the garage a lot of the day. Mostly just picking up and putting away stuff, but also looking at what I’d like to add to the flower beds this spring. Certainly ornamental grasses will be involved. Took a couple of long walks. We both have a mask with us when we go anywhere now. Ohio = 4,450, with 142 deaths. Stark County = 109 cases, with 7 deaths (4 in one nursing home).

Apr 7, 2020 – Rain and sun today. Little bit of stress here today, everyone a bit on edge, myself included. Drove the Mrs to the drugstore today and watched a little guy, perhaps 18 months old, sitting in a grocery cart ……. neither parent was watching him as he licked, chewed and sucked on the seatbelt strap and buckle. Thought I was going to lose it. Ohio, numbers = 4,782 confirmed cases, with 167 deaths (up 25 from yesterday), Stark County has 110 confirmed cases, with 7 deaths.

Apr 8, 2020 – Beautiful day here. Worked in the garage for a while. It was  a mild winter, but I somehow trashed the garage over the past 5 months. Ohio confirmed total cases = 5,148, with 193 deaths. Stark County has 114 cases, and 7 deaths.

Apr 9, 2020 – Rainy, chilly, windy day here on and off. Walked between the showers. Yesterday my heart transplant team called and alerted to the changes they are making for April & May. I’m going to have a “virtual visit” instead of a nuclear stress test, that was planned for 4/27. Will be interesting. Ohio confirmed totals today are at 5,512 with 213 deaths. Stark County now has 120 confirmed cases and now there are 8 deaths (up 1 from yesterday). Have seen some interesting articles that many “normal” deaths are now being lumped into the COVID-19 group, but I don’t understand why.

4/10/2020 – A chilly, raw day with a bit of snow. The media is still sending mixed signals and fuzzy math in regard to COVID-19. I’m taking all with a grain of salt, but I am also playing by the social distancing and all the other rules at the same time. An unusual Good Friday for me …… but the last month plus has been unusual. Ohio now has 5,836 confirmed cases, with 231 deaths. Stark County has 125 confirmed cases, with 11 deaths. (Up 3 from yesterday)

4/11/2020 – A fair day today, we were out running errands and we went by the Honeybake Ham place and OMG, they were lined up all the way around the building ….. yes, the people were standing 6 feet apart, but obviously there are going to a be a LOT of Easter dinners tomorrow. Un-freaking-believable. The counts in Ohio today  = 6,187 confirmed cases, with 247 deaths. Stark County has 133 confirmed cases, and 11 deaths.

4/12/2020 – Easter Sunday ….. a very quiet day. One of the most quiet days we’ve had during the quarantine. Yes, we had tons of text messages and phone calls, but overall it was quiet here. I witnessed that many families ignore the group gathering warnings and had dinners. Oh well. Apparently they are counting a bit differently on the COVID-19 teams ….. something about “suspected cases” are now included. Ohio now has 6,604 (up 417) cases, with 253 deaths. Stark County now has 154 cases (up 21) cases, with 11 deaths.

4/13/2020 – Another dreary day, but I realize it is still spring. April showers bring May flowers. Was a rather low keyed day. Did some walking, worked in the garage a bit. The “powers that be” claim we are “flattening the curve” in Ohio. I think it’s a little early to declare that, but I’ve never worked in the Public Health sector, nor have I, or anyone else for that matter, been through a pandemic. Confirmed cases in Ohio today were at 6,681 with 273 deaths. Stark County now has 167 cases and 12 deaths (up one from yesterday).

4/14/2020 – Another day on House Arrest! Not really, but a chilly day with a few flurries. Nothing exciting going on today. I was asked to call and speak with a new heart recipient, so I did that …… was a nice chat for about an hour. The numbers were announced again today, and suddenly everything seems odd …… deaths climbed dramatically, so I’m thinking they are adding even more “suspected” cases to the numbers. Anyway, Ohio now stands at 7,280 cases, with 324 deaths (Up 51 from yesterday?). Stark County now stands at 171 cases and deaths at 17 (Up 5 from yesterday?).

4/15/2020 – A cold day with some snow flurries and icy rain. The “Stimulus Check” money was direct deposited today. A huge help for many, I’m sure. Though my neighbor was in Walmart this afternoon and observed a line of 40 to 50 people buying big screen TV’s. Interesting! I’m still confused by the “official counts” but I’ll keep posting them here. The Governor says things are getting better, but the number I see are going the wrong way. Ohio now has 7,791 cases (up 515?) with 361 deaths (up 37?), Stark County now has 176 cases (up 5), with 17 deaths. (0 increase).

4/16/2020 – A fair day, some sun, but pretty chilly. Went and had labs at the local hospital this AM …. the place was a ghost town, I saw exactly 4 human beings in or around the hospital and garage. Ohio now has 8,239 cases, with 373 deaths. Stark Count has 204 cases, with 21 deaths. (Highest % of deaths per cases in Ohio at almost 10%) One nursing home has 8 deaths alone.

4/17/2020 – A cold rainy day and few snowflakes included. Truly a crappy day. Lots going on with friends, that are on my mind. These reported number look ever worse today, yet they (Governor, etc) are talking about reopening the economy on May 1. Today’s reported cases for Ohio are now 9,107, with 418 deaths. That means the cases grew by 868 since yesterday and the deaths went up by 45. Sounds like a runaway train to me. (WTF?) Stark County has 210 cases, with 22 deaths. Only up slightly.

4/18/2020 – Decent day today, though, yet again, the number for the state of Ohio climbed dramatically, and set the highest single day increase yet. There are now 10,222 cases in Ohio, which is 915 above yesterdays total and they claim we are getting better? Not in my world. Deaths didn’t go up as much, but the number of cases is crazy. Todays death total was 434, up 16 from yesterday. Stark county only went up 4 cases to 214 total, and we added another death for a total of 23. I read an unsubstantiated claim that there is more government money available for more claimed cases so that’s why the numbers are going crazy.

4/19/2020 – Productive day here and I’m happy for that. The Ohio confirmed cases took another huge jump today, but this time there is a reasonable answer. Ohio now has 11,292 confirmed cases, which is an increase of 1,070 since yesterday. Today’s totals included a massive outbreak in a State prion in Marion County that had not been previously counted. Ohio now has 471 deaths, which was an increase of 37. Stark County rose by 10, to 224 with one additional death, for a total of 24.

4/20/2020 – Another HUGE jump in numbers, without reason, Ohio now has (allegedly) 12,919 cases (up 1,627) from yesterday. 509 deaths, up 38 from yesterday. Stark County now has 237 cases, with 25 deaths, up 13 & 1 respectively. I have no words for any of this.

4/21/2020 – A day filled with anxiety, with grief …… and I’m not sure exactly why. The numbers have improved a bit over the past few days. Ohio now has 13,725 cases, with 557 deaths. (Up 806 and 48) Stark County has 251 cases, and 28 deaths (up 14 and 3 respectively).

4/22/2020 – A decent day for both of us, less anxiety for an unknown reason. Weather sucked though. Today, the numbers finally came in lower. Again, no explanation, but they did improve. Ohio how has 14,117 cases, up 392 from yesterday. Deaths are now at 610, which was up 53 from yesterday, and the most in any given 24 hr period. Stark County now has 266 cases, up 15 from yesterday, and 28 deaths (No increase).

4/23/2020 – A day of sun and rain. One minute I think we are through this thing and a bit later I dread it could go on for years. Todays numbers were …. Ohio now has 14,694 cases, with 656 deaths. Both up 577 & 46, respectively. Stark County has 290 cases, with 30 deaths. Both are up 24 & 2 respectively.

4/24/2020 – A nice day here today. Lots of cleaning accomplished and planning for my next “project”. The numbers seem better today. Way too early to tell if COVID is under control or not. The latest thing the state is using is a 5 day moving average. I prefer raw data. Ohio now has 15,169 cases, with 690 deaths (up 475/34). Stark County has 294 cases, with 3 deaths. Both are up 4/4.

4/25/2020 – A beautiful day here. A nice long walk in the park, a short drive and all is well. Today’s numbers do look improved, but we need more data points. Ohio is at 15,587 cases, with 711 deaths. Both are up by 418 cases and 21 deaths. Stark County reported 303 cases, with 34 deaths. The new cases were only up by 9, with zero new deaths. Is hope on the horizon?

4/26/2020 – A cold rainy day. Not anxious, just concerned that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. The numbers looked better today. Ohio only added 376 cases to 15,963 and 17 deaths, up to 728. Stark County only added 7 cases to 310, and no new deaths.

4/27/2020 – Nice day here. Had my first “Virtual Appointment” with my transplant team today and all went well. Ohio’s numbers are holding steady at in a lower range. In the past 24 hours Ohio added 362 new cases and we are now at 16,325. There were 25 new deaths, total is now at 753. Stark County only added 2 cases and 1 new death. Totals are now at 312 cases and 35 deaths.

4/28/2020 – A fair day here. Lots of things accomplished, so a good, productive day. Didn’t watch the news today. Yesterday they talked about reopening the state, VERY slowly! The numbers are steady, which is better than increasing, but it appears we are aways from being out of this mess. I’m still pissed that the state screwed around on the mask issue early on and actually told people to NOT wear masks, then did an about face. It would have helped a lot, in my opinion. Today Ohio has 16,769 cases, with 799 deaths. Both up, 444/46 respectively. Stark County added 12 cases and 1 death to put us at 324 and 36 respectively.

4/29/2020 – Again, NOT ONE F’ING WORD IN THE NEWS ABOUT THIS MASSIVE DEATH INCREASE! Today, the state of Ohio reported 17,303 cases on COVID-19 …. which is up 138 ……. and they also reported Ohio now has 937 total deaths, which is up 138 since yesterday, which is about TWO AND A HALF TIMES MORE than any other single day since this began. I’m confused and pissed. Stark County now has 333 cases and 39 deaths ….. which are up by 9 and 3 respectively.

4/30/2020 – A chilly, gloomy day. I didn’t hear much news today as I was focused on completing a project. Which I did finish! Today’s count is 18,027 cases (up 724 from yesterday), with 975 deaths (up 38 from yesterday). Stark County now has 347 cases (up by 14 from yesterday), and 50 deaths (which is 11 deaths higher and NOT mentioned in the news).

5/1/2020 – A bit of clarity on the Stark County numbers ….. today there are 363 cases, with 51 deaths. Both are up 16/1, respectively. However, a did a little digging and almost 2/3 of that total number for Stark County are from “nursing homes”, and include residents and employees. At least we kind of know the demographics. State totals were 18,743 cases, up 716 and 1,002 deaths, also up by 27. We still have a LONGGGGG way to go!

5/2/2020 – Today was a beautiful day and I had projects so no time to look at any numbers until now, to post. Ohio now has 19,335 cases, with 1,021 deaths. Which are up 592/19 respectively. Stark County now has 379 cases, with 52 deaths. Up 16/1 respectively.

5/3/2020 – Beautiful day here and I avoided all news today. Ohio cases are up by 579 to a total of 19,914. Deaths were up by 17 to 1,038. Stark County total cases went up by 19 cases to 398, and deaths went up by 1 to 53.

5/4/2020 – Nice day, very productive day here. Quite relaxed. Ohio did add another 560 cases for a total of 20,474 and 7 deaths for a total of 405. Stark County added 7 cases for a total of 405 and no deaths were reported so they remain at 53.

5/5/2020 – Lots of walking today. Have not listened to the news at all. Ohio went up by 495 cases in the past 24 hours to 20,969. And the total deaths increased by 79 to 1,1,35.  Stark County only added 9 cases to make for a total of 414. But, added 4 deaths for a total of 57.

5/6/2020 – A fair day, not a lot of news today. The numbers keep marching onward. Ohio now has a total of 21,576 cases, up 607 from yesterday. A deaths went up by 90 to a total of 1,225. Stark County increased by 13 cases for a 427. The death count went up by 2 to 59.

5/7/2020 – Lots of news out today about opening up the economy. Retail will open on 5/12, Salons/Barber Shops on 5/15, Outside dining on 5/15 and inside dining on 5/21. Lots of new rules involved with all openings. Today Ohio has a total of 22,131 cases which is up by 555. Ohio also added 46 deaths for a total of 1,221. Stark County now has 450 cases and 60 deaths, which are up by 23/1 respectively.

5/8/2020 – Today’s numbers with no official explanation …….. cases in Ohio rose by 885 to 23,016 total and deaths increased by 35 to 1,306. Stark County added 14 more cases to 464 and added 2 more deaths to 62. I will says that without studying anything that Stark County has had and continues to have a high ratio of deaths per total number of COVID cases. Puzzling in my mind.

5/9/2020 – Total cases for Ohio are 23,697, up by 681. Deaths are @ 1,331, up by 25. Stark County now has 479 cases and 67 deaths, up by 15 and 5 respectively.

5/10/2020 – Mother’s Day …… not a lot of news today. Total Ohio cases are now at 24,081, up by 384. Deaths are at 1,341, up by 10. Stark County added 21 cases, up to 500. Deaths stayed the same @ 67.

5/11/2020 – Ohio’s total cases went up by 696 to 24,777 and deaths went up by 16 to 1,357. Stark County added 11 more cases and zero deaths. Totals are 511 cases and still 67 deaths.

5/12/2020 – Nice day here. Some of the stores and Mall have opened up. A quick personal survey showed 77% NOT wearing masks. The numbers seem stable, Ohio added 473 cases to 25,250 total. We now have 1,436 deaths, up by 78. Stark County only added 4 cases to 515 and 1 death to 68.

5/13/2020 – Decent day, here are the reported numbers …. Ohio now has 25,721 cases (up by 471) and 1,483. Stark County now has 526 cases (up by 11), and 68 deaths, no change.

5/14/2020 – Decent day, the weather is finally warming. Numbers “seem” stable, but we shall see. Ohio now has 26,357 cases, up by 636. Ohio has 1,534 deaths, up by 51. Stark County now has 538 cases, up by 12. Stark County deaths went up by 1 for a total of 69. We’re well over 2 months into this pandemic and we don’t personally know anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

5/15/2020 – The numbers keep climbing ….. 26,954 for the State’s total, which is up by 597 cases. Ohio deaths are now at 1,581, up by 47. Stark County now has 548 cases, up by 10. And we added one death, up to 70.

5/16/2020 – Today Ohio has 27,474 cases, up by 520 from yesterday. There are now 1,610 deaths, up by 29 since yesterday. Stark County now has 553 cases, up by 5. There were 4 more deaths, for a total of 74. Stark County still has a higher death to case ratio than any county in Ohio. Most in nursing homes, sadly.

5/17/2020 – Ohio now has 27,923 cases, up by 449. Deaths rose by 15 to 1,625. Stark County added 5 cases, to 553. No deaths reported in the past 24 hours, so the county holds at 74 cases.

5/18/2020 – Ohio cases climbed by 531 to 28,454 and deaths increased by 32 to 1,657. Stark County had its LARGEST daily increase in cases to date, adding 37 cases to 595. We also added 3 deaths for a total 77. In looking at the Stark County numbers, 2/3 of all cases since April 15th were nursing home residents or employees. Tragic!

5/19/2020 – Ohio now has 28,952 cases, which is up by 498 from yesterday. We also added 63 deaths for a total of 1720. Stark County added 15 cases, up to 620. And we added 2 deaths For a total of 79.

5/20/2020 – Since yesterday, Ohio went up by 484 cases to 29,436. Deaths rose by 61 to 1,781. Stark County now has 630 cases, up by 10. And, holding at 79 deaths.

5/21/2020 – Ohio has 30, 167 total cases, an increase of 731. Deaths went up by 55 to 1,836. Stark County added 22 cases for a total of 642. Deaths stayed the same at 79. A little more information …. on the 79 deaths, 52 have been people in nursing homes. That’s 66%. Sad!

5/22/2020 – Cases = 30, 794 (up by 627), deaths = 1,872 (up by 36). Stark County cases = 655 (up by 15), 80 deaths (up by 1).

5/23/2020 – Cases = 31,408 (up by 614), deaths = 1,956 )up by 84), Stark County now has 670 cases (up by 15) and 89 deaths up by NINE!!! (And nothing in the news regarding this huge one day increase)

5/24/2020 – Ohio now has 31,911 cases (up by 503), 1.969 deaths (up by 13), Stark County has 682 cases (up by 12), and NO new deaths were added, holding @ 89.

5/25/2020 – Memorial Day! Ohio now has 32,477 cases (up by 566) and 1,987 deaths (up by 18). Stark County now has 685 cases (up by 3) and holding at 89 deaths. I’m thinking the Stark County low case total adds is due to the holiday.

5/26/2020 – Ohio cases are up to 33,006, up by 529. Deaths are now 2,002, up by 15. Stark County added 12 cases for a total of 697. Deaths went up by 1 to 90.

5/27/2020 – Ohio now has 33,439 cases (up by 433) and 2,044 deaths (up by 42). Stark County now has 700 cases (up by 3) and 91 deaths (up by 1).

5/28/2020 – Today Ohio has 33,915 cases (up by 476), and 2,098 deaths (up by 54). Stark County added 5 more cases to 705 and no more deaths. Of those 705 case, 392 are from nursing homes. (56%) and 63 of the 91 deaths are also from nursing homes (69%).

5/29/2020 – Ohio now has 34,566 cases (up by 651) and 2,131 deaths (up by 33). Stark County now has 716 cases (up by 11) and holding at 91 deaths. Word from the state is that visiting to nursing homes will open up and there will also be additional testing in nursing facilities.

5/30/2020 – Ohio now has 35,034 cases (up by 468) and 2,149 deaths (up by 18). Stark County now has 723 cases (up by 7) and holding at 91 deaths.

5/31/2020 – Today’s report, Ohio has 35,513 cases, up by 479. Deaths increased by 6 to 2,155. Stark County added 4 cases for a total of 727. And for the 4th day in a row there have been no deaths. So, holding at 91. Lots of protests in and around Ohio the past couple of days. Will be interesting to see what the numbers do in the next 5 to 14 days.

6/1/2020 – Ohio now reports 35,984 cases (up by 51). Deaths are now at 2,206 (up by 51!!!). Stark County cases remain to be trending lower ….. we now have 736 (up by 9) and we added 1 death since yesterday, now at 92. Today, I heard testimony from a friend who lost a loved one recently in a nursing home. The relative was tested for COVID-19 the day before passing and the test came back NEGATIVE. When the death certificate was passed along to the family, it stated COVID-19 as cause of death. Shaking my head!

6/2/2020 – Protests and riots continue. And so do the COVID numbers …. Today Ohio now has 36,350 cases, up by 366 from yesterday. Deaths went up by 52, to 2,258. Stark County added 7 cases to 743 and the deaths jumped by 6 for a total of  98.

6/3/2020 – 36,792 cases now in Ohio. Up by 442. Deaths went up by 41 to 2,299. Stark County added 9 cases to 752 and 1 death to 99.

6/4/2020 – Today Ohio has 37,282 cases, up by 490. 2,339 deaths, up by 40. Stark County has 782 cases, up by 30. And deaths are at 101, up by 2. (419 of the 782 cases are in Nursing Facilities. And 63 of the 101 deaths are in Nursing Facilities.)

6/6/2020 – Somewhere I missed a day this week …. oh well, the numbers will be off a bit …. so as of today, 6/6/2020 – Ohio has 38,111 cases with 2,370 deaths. Stark County has 813 cases, 102 deaths.

6/7/2020 – Ohio reports 38,476 cases, an increase of 365. Deaths are now at 2,377, an increase of 7 from yesterday. Stark County now has 817 cases, up by 4. And deaths remained at 102. Very low reporting across the board.

6/8/2020 – Ohio now has 38,837 cases (up 361) & 2,404 deaths (up 27), Stark County has 821 cases (up 4) and holding at 102 deaths.

6/9/2020 – 39,162 total cases in Ohio today, up by 325. Deaths increased by 17 to 2,421. Stark County added 6 cases for a total of 827 and one death for a total of 103. “Experts” are claiming there will be a 30,000 cases increase in National cases due to all of the recent protests.

6/10/2020 – Today’s numbers – Ohio now has 39,575 cases, up by 413. And 2,457 deaths, up by 36. Stark County added 12 cases to 839, and deaths went 2 to 105.

6/11/2020 – Ohio cases went up by 429 to 40,004. Deaths went up by 33 to 2,490. Stark County added 6 cases to 845 and there were no new deaths, so holding at 105.

6/12/2020 – Ohio has 40,424 cases, up by 420. And, 2,508 deaths, up by 18. Stark County added 2 cases to 847 and no new deaths (holding @ 105).

6/13/2020 – Ohio added 424 cases in the past day to 40,848. Deaths went up by 46 to 2,554. Stark County added 8 cases for a total of 855, and there were no additional deaths, so holding at 105.

6/14/2020 – Ohio now has 41,148 cases, up by 300 since yesterday. The LOWEST daily amount in 2 months (Apr 13th). And the state only added 3 deaths for a total of 2,557. Stark County now has 863 cases, up by 8 and no new deaths (for 5 days) were added, so holding at 105.

6/15/2020 – The number of cases in Ohio went up by 428 for a total of 41,576. Deaths went up by 16 to 2,573. Stark County added 7 cases for a total of 870, and no additional deaths. So, holding at 105 for a week.

6/16/2020 – Today Ohio reported 42,010 cases, up by 434. Deaths are at 2,597, up by 26. Stark County reports 881 cases, up by 11 and deaths remain at 105.

6/17/2020 – Ohio reports 42,422 cases today, up by 412, Deaths went up by 14 to 2,611. Stark County added 10 cases, to 891. And NO new deaths, Holding at 105.

6/18/2020 – Ohio added 700 cases in the past 24 hours, the highest increase since 5/21/2010 for a total of 43,122.  (Protests of opening of business, or both?) Deaths went up by 22 to 2,633. Stark County went up by 17 to 908 (highest add since 6/4) and no deaths were added, so holding at 105.

6/19/2020 – Ohio added 609 cases today, for a total of 43,731. Deaths went up by 34 to 2,667. (The 609 is also HIGH compared to the past month. Stark County added 10 cases for a total of 918. No additional deaths were reported, so holding at 105 for the 10th day in a row.

6/20/2020 – First day of summer. Ohio reports a total of 44,262, up by 531. Deaths are 2,697, up by 30. Stark County went up by 9 cases to 927.

6/21/2020 – 44,808 cases, up by 542. Deaths went up by 3 to 2,700. Stark County has 942 cases, up by 15. No deaths added, so holding at 105 for 11 days.

6/22/2020 – Ohio added 729 cases (high again) today for a total of 45,537. Stark County added 15 cases for a total of 957.

6/23/2020 – Ohio cases went up by 590 (still too high) to 46,127. Deaths increased by 31 to 2,735. Stark County added 3 cases to 960. And we also added the first death in about 12 days … to 106.

6/24/2020 – We added 632 cases in Ohio today for a total of 46,759. Also added 20 deaths for a total of 2,755. Stark County added 3 cases for a total of 963. And another death for a total of 107.

6/25/2020 – A HIGH amount of cases added today. An increase of 892 for a total of 47,651. Deaths went up by 17 to 2,772. Stark County added 14 cases to 977. Deaths remained at 107.

6/26/2020 – HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Ohio added 987 cases today for a total of 48,639. VERY HIGH. Deaths went up by 16 to 2,788. Stark County only added 13 cases for a total of 990, but added 4 deaths for a total of 111.

6/27/2020 – High numbers for the state again today. 49,455 cases in total, up by 817. Deaths for Ohio are at 2,804, up by 16. Stark County added 18 cases for a total of 1,008. Deaths remained at 111.

6/28/2020 – Ohio reports that we have 50,309 cases today, up by 854. (Very high again) and deaths went up by 3 to 2,807. Stark County added 8 cases for a total of 1,016. And no deaths, holding at 111.

6/29/2020 – Ohio reports another 737 cases added today for a total of 51,046. Deaths went up by 11, for a total of 2,818. Stark County added 10 cases for a total of 1,026. Deaths remained at 111.

6/30/2020 – Ohio cases are at 51,789, up by 743. Stark County cases are up by 16 to 1,042. Deaths went up by 1 to 112. We are still HIGH!

7/1/2020 – Ohio now has 52,865 cases, up by (A LOT!) 1,076. Deaths went up by 13 to 2,876. Stark Co added 10 cases for a total of 1,052 and deaths remained at 112.

7/2/2020 – Out of control now …. 54,166, up by 1301. 2,903 deaths, up by 27. Stark added NO cases and NO deaths, so 1,052 and 112. (And I call bullshit!!!!)

7/3/2020 – Total of 55,257, up by 1,091, deaths hold @ 2,903. Stark Co cases up by 27 to 1,079, deaths held @ 112. Fishy looking numbers!

7/4/2020 – 56,220 (+963) / 2,907 (+4); 1,093 (+14) / 112 (NC)

7/5/2020 – 57,131 (+931), / 2,911 (+4); 1,107 (+14) / 112 (NC)

7/6/2020 – 57,956 (+805) / 2,927 (+16); 1,123 (+16), / 112 (NC)

7/7/202 – 58,904 (+948) / 2,970 (+43); 1,133 (+10) / 113 (+1) State, HIGH number of new cases continue!!!!

7/8/2020 – 60,181 (+1,277) / 2,991 (+21); 1,156 (+23) / 113 (NC) State, continues to add cases.

7/9/2020 – 61,331 (+1,150) / 3,006 (+15); 1,176 (+20)/ 113 (NC)

7/10/2020 – Worst day in Ohio since the pandemic began. Total cases are now at 62,856 (Up by 1,525), deaths are at 3,032 (up by 26). Stark County added 20 cases for a total of 1,196 and one more death for a total of 114.

7/11/2020 – Ohio has 64,214 cases (+1,358), deaths at 3,034 (+4), Stark Co has 1,214 cases (+18), and NC on deaths (114). VERY high number of cases.

7/12/2020 – Ohio added 1,378 cases today for a total of 65,592. Deaths went by by 22 to 3,058. Stark County added 11 cases to 1,225 and 2 deaths to 116.

7/13 Total = 66,853 (up 1,261) / deaths = 3,064 (up 6); Stark = 1,244 (up 19), deaths hold at 116.

7/14/2020 – 67,995 (+1,142) / deaths = 3,069 (+5); Stark = 1,252 (+8) / NC (116).

7/15/2020 – 69,311 (+1,316) / 3,075 +6); 1,271 (+19) / NC (116)

7/16/2020 – 70,601 (+1,290) / 3,103 (+28); 1,294 (+23), 117 (+1)

7/17/2020 – 72,280 (+1,679) / 3,112 (+9); 1,319 (+25) / 118 (+1) HIGHEST AMOUT OF SINGLE DAY CASES SINCE PANDEMIC BEGAN!

7/18/2020 – 73,829 (+1,549) / 3,132 (+20); 1,341 (+22), NC (118) STILL HIGH!

7/19/2020 – 74,932 (+1,103) / 3,174 (+42); 1,358 (+17), 120 (+2)

7/20/2020 – 76,168 (+1,236) / 3,189 (+15); 1,379 (+21) / NC (120)

7/21/2020 – 77,215 (+1,047) / 3,219 (+30); 1,391 (+12) / 121 (+1)

7/22/2020 – 78,742 (+1,527) / 3,235 (+16); 1,412 (+21) / NC (121)

7/23/2020 – 80,186 (+1,444) / 3,256 (+21); 1,440 (+37) / 122 (+1) Highest day ever for Stark County!

7/24/2020 – 81,746 (+1,560) / 3,297 (+41); 1,483 (+34) / 122 (NC)

7/25/2020 – Strange numbers today – 83,184 (+1,438) / 3,297 (NC?); 1,514 (+31) / 122 (NC) ??

7/26/2020 – 84,073 (+889) / 3,307 (+10); 1,516 (+2) / 123 (+1)

7/27/2020 – 85,177 (+1,104) / 3,344 (+37); 1,533 (+17) / 124 (+1)

7/28/2020 – 86,497 (+1,320) / 3,382 (+38); 1,563 (+30) / 126 (+2)

7/29/2020 – 87,893 (+1,396) / 3,422 (+40); 1,587 (+24) / 126 (NC)

7/30/2020 – 89,626 (+1,733) / 3,442 (+20), 1,617 (+30) / 127 (+1)

7/31/2020 –