This page is dedicated to a WONDERFUL group of people from the organ transplant community that support each other in a loving and never-ending way through groups and forums.

Formerly, the majority of us were at , but the forums have moved to the sister website at

Same great people …… donors, recipients, those on the waiting list or being evaluated for an organ Transplant!

A beautiful young lady by the name of Rise’ is the brains and the hostess to both sites. She is loved by many, including myself.

If you have organ transplant questions, please visit us.


5 Responses to TransplantFriends

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  2. Wow, you guys are 1 Billion% Awesome!

  3. txbuddies says:

    I am surprised! Thank you so much! You are a dear friend to so many people incuding ME!
    love always, Risé

  4. pjb1943 says:

    Hello, I’m a heart transplant survivor…, and a registered organ donor. Like you, I try to spread the word of how vital the program is to those who are in wait, literally dying for a transplant. I feel that if I can help one person through my efforts they are all worth the time. It’s been 3 1/2 years now, and each one of them absolutely wonderful. Best to you.

  5. Hi Don
    Just stopping by to say hello!

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