I will add some of my favorite photos here!


Summer of 2015 –


6.1.2012 – My2ndHeartBeat in Hospital Bed after 5th annual heart cath



My “first” birthday cake!




Bday card 1 yr

5 Responses to Pictures

  1. Caitlin says:

    I know this is a weird question, but do you have any pictures of yourself after the surgery? My mom is going to have a transplant sometime this year and I know that it will be really hard for me to see her afterward. I’m just trying to find ways to prepare myself. Thank you.

    • my2ndheartbeat says:

      I have emailed you a pic. 🙂

    • Karen Kapalko says:

      Caitlin, I don’t have pictures but the first thing I looked for in my husband, was the color in his face. That’s how I can tell if he was having trouble with the heart. He had beautiful color. He looked real puffy, even his eyelids, but that was normal after surgery, they give them extra fluid during surgery. Of course there will be IV’s she will be hooked up to, but thought my husband looked good after surgery. I can’t believe the next day he was up & eating already.

  2. says:

    wow I love all that you wrote…I am glad I came to know your blogs and your spirit

  3. Karen Kapalko says:

    Congratulations Don on your 5th annual heart cath !! guess you won’t miss those.

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