Thank you to my hero, Benny Keith Ward

Benny Keith Ward

“Life is a gift. Live every day as a thank you note.”

~ Anon

As I give thanks many times a day to God for this amazing gift I was given …. a new heart, by the way of a heart transplant, I also ask God to Bless my donor’s soul and bless and comfort his or her family. The following are links to some of my favorite posts – GIVING THANKS to my HERO for this amazing GIFT OF LIFE that I have received.

Simply put, my love for my donor needed it’s OWN page!

Donor Family

In My Life, I Love You More

Finding My Donor

Writing Another Thank You

1,000 Extra Days, A Million Thanks

Giving Thanks 

Five Years – Giving Thanks to My Donor Family

Two Thousand Days

An Emotional Time, Times Two

In My Life …. A Sixth Anniversary

2,500 Days and Nights of Gratitude From A Transplanted Heart

An Open Letter To My Donor Family

3,000 Days – An Untold Story

Happy Mother’s Day and A Rebirth, Plus 7 Years

Gift of Life Walk and Run – Raw Emotions

Who Would You Take A Bullet For

Listening to Your Heart


Everyday Greatness

Purpose of Life and Miracles

Thank You!

Tell Mom & Dad

Merry Christmas


Halftime Hero 

Day of the Heart – Day of Love

Bucket Lists



4 Responses to LOVE 4 MY DONOR

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  2. Hey! Just came across your blog from Phoebe!

    Your story is really inspiring and it’s one of the most selfless acts of kindness and contribution to someone I’ve ever witnessed! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading your stuff! 🙂

  3. Maggie says:

    What a nice tribute! Thank you for sharing!

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