It takes a bit of extra effort for a heart transplant patient to get ready to travel. At least it does for me.

I can remember the first trip I took of any distance after my transplant and I was more than a bit scared. I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed in case something went wrong. I have a large and heavy notebook from my transplant center and I took it, which added about 5 extra pounds. Instead of one blood pressure cuff, I took 2 ……… so, you can see I was a more than a tad paranoid getting ready that first time.

If I’m going on a trip, I start getting my “stuff” ready a couple of days ahead of time. I have a leather back pack that really works well since my meds are ALWAYS with me. They NEVER go in “checked” luggage.

I used to take all medications, all in their original bottles in case the TSA or some other law enforcement type person would stop me. After a few trips, I saw this was extra weight and nobody really cared. I always make sure I have plenty of “extra” meds with me though. If I’m flying some where for a week, I take 2 weeks of medications with me. (Think 9/11/2001 when NO flights were in the air for days). If traveling by car, it can depend on the time of the year (think snow storms) and how far away we will be. Generally, I take a couple of extra days worth while traveling by car.

I found a lighter weight BP cuff, which is my “traveling” blood pressure cuff, and extra thermometer goes in the pack as well. In a couple of ziplock bags I have a couple of masks that I use on airplanes, a number of hand sanitizers, and, for a while I had a small “Netbook” computer in my pack as well, which is what I tracked everything on. But, I loaned that to my son a long time ago and have learned to do without. Regardless, I also have a med list , phone number list of every Doctor I think I’ve ever seen, as well as a list of every procedure, test or medical event I’ve experienced in my adult life.

Recently I found out about an item called “Pack-M-Ups”. I ordered some and they will get a work out on my next trip, whenever that might be. You can get them at 

One thing I haven’t mastered about traveling is weighing myself daily. I’m supposed to weigh in every day, but I REFUSE to put a scale in my backpack, so I guess my weight, each day.

Happy traveling!!

Paris .... again, someday!

About DAP

I am a heart transplant recipient and these are my stories and thoughts. My desire is to assist others pre or post heart transplant in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me if you have a question.
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